X Treme Videos

Media Training : How to make a nice video presentation on the outside by - 5°C.

You want to impress your future employer ? You need to apologize to your boss for some mistake ?

Show how big are your selfcontrol and determination by recording an extreme video.

Here are some keys to carry out this mission :

1. Choose a handsome place. It will helps the one watching your video to focus or something than you swetting or sniffing.

2. Select your clothes functions of the weather you are going to be confronted to. In some case, it could be a matter of survival. Look at me, one minute more and I lost my nose.

3. Relax and keep focus.

4. When the first physical manifestation came in, don't panic. This will be the moment you show your skills to keep focus, interesting and proud.

5. Keep smiling. No matter you have heard the huge SNIFF you have just done. It is too cold to record a fourth time…

6. Don't laught. Never. Even if the cameraman is almost crying.

Now you can proove to your boss or to your teacher that you can work against the tide !

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