Presentation of Virgile and its project

I would like to launch my own stratup after school, based on mobile's apps. Here some example of what it is possible to do.

Here a page with a podcast from me

Wifi Army

This video is a proof of concept of an urban game. It is call "wifi army". It is developed by W2Pi Studio for the new Google

The basis of the game is very simple. Kill or be killed. The game
searches for other players in the area with WiFi, and alerts both
players. Then the cell phone camera turns on while the two players
hunt one another. The software recognizes human shapes and is able to make the
distinction between a limb or an headshot.


The previous game is inspire of an old one, call NodeRunner.
The purpose of the game was to found wifi hotspot at the time where wifi wasn't broadly available
So : run the streets looking for WiFi nodes, photograph the most, and win the game.

The Rules

  1. Run the city and scan for networks.
  2. Find a open hotspot that you can connect to.
  3. Take a photo of your team, at that location
  4. Email that photo, from that hotspot (and only that hotspot), with
  5. the general location info (like cross streets) and Network Name (SSID).
  6. Check out to see who is winning.
  7. Games last 1-2 hours

, then to tak a picture of the team before uploading it online.


Nokia is also developing a technology of visual recognition


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