Using Google Docs

The tool GoogleDocs is an application that you can access directly on the web. And that is already a revolution in publishing and editing documents. It is a free software developed by Google that enables you and your colleagues to work on a same document, instantly and co-creatively. This means no multiple copies of the documents and instant modification by your peers.

Therefore you can imagine the multiple applications:

first, you can get rid of the many different versions of a document, because saving means refreshing the document

then, you can start a collaborative work with your colleagues or collaborators by inviting them on GoogleDocs and start working together

of course, all the past versions are saved online in case there would be any trouble, so it's all secure and safe: no one uninvited can access your document

In other words, you can beginning being an editor instead of a document master

Go and see how it works

Here is a good example of a work made by 200 students on one single Google Doc document :

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