Truth About Bob

Before reading, you should ask yourself :

"Am I ready to know the truth about Bob ?".

Because this text will certainly change your vision of your favorite teacher.
First, you should know that He is at the crossroad of many historical highlights, some are saying "He is just the crossroad".

How ? When ? Why ? And what for ?


All begins with Elvis Presley during the first may of 1967. Elvis needed to take a break. Shows after shows, The star is under pressure and meet accidentaly in a bar, a futur hero who was loving to be called "The Extravagent". It was the first meeting between the futur two associates who will galvanize the crowd with the same apparence, the apparence of "The King of the rock'n'roll", Baby !

During this summer of 1967, Bob substituted Elvis Presley and the show went on. Only Jacky Noly, Elvis' manager was aware of the plan. Make up, wig and singing courses : Bob ruled and convinced "The King". During three years, Elvis visited China, France, Russia, played soccer on the Japonsese beatch, wrote a book with Hemingway, went on the top of the Kilimanjaro always covered by Bob which get used to the situation. Bob later toured across the U.S. and had a stream of sold-out shows, performing 1,145 concerts between 1969 and 1977, with many setting venue attendance records. The illusion is so perfect…

But in 1973, after his divorce from Priscilla, Elvis was becoming strange, and proposed marriage to Bob… The "Rock'n' roll Fever" (a newspaper) reported that Jacky Noly would have been the groomsman. At the Grammy Award in 1974, Bob has still not responsed to the proposal. Two months later, Bob disappeared and during three years "The Half King" staid away of the light… No one knows why ! And everyone wonders where was Bob !

The story doesn't tell if it was Bob or Elvis who said ""When you're not in love, you're not alive." Today only Bob could say. Find the truth at Elvis Is Alive Museum on E-Bay


In 1978, He came Back. "The Extravagent" returned to England. (He had already good feelings with The Beatles in 1963, see the photo Bob is on the left). The story said that Bob was playing snooker in London and meet a stong character lady called Magaret. She didn't know how to play. In Fact She didn't know "Why people are playing ?".


Few years later "The leaden weather of Manchester" (a newspaper) will deliver the truth :

"The first Spin Doctor in England is called Bob and He is employed by Magaret Thatcher after an hazardious meeting in a Pub. Bob, also called the "Extravagent" is very well known in the Subculture. He has created Magaret Thatcher for the media. Let's be clear : in fact without him, She's just nothing" said the Newspaper.

Believe it or not !

Few years later Bob decided to quit politic (as the newspaper predicted, it was the end of Thatcher's career) to go surfing in Brazil.


There, Bob, "The Extravagent" discovered Internet and e-culture. In 1989, he was the fist to knock with a pick the Berlin wall, than He decided to help a bit Tim-Berners-Lee developping the Web. After what, He put all his skills, all his knowledges to teach e-culture and communication.

To be continued.

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