the best online English learning

E-learning refers to an ensemble of tools used in schools or colleges in order to teach to distant students. E-learning is very popular in schools.

there are severals options for impove your english.


There are TESL (teachers of english as a second language) teachers all over the world. Put out an ad for one online, in the paper, whatever and get one to do a bit of private tutoring on the side.

chat room


Find a native English speaker, English or American, whatever you're after to know, and converse with them.

vidéo, rss feeds

In my mind, i think the best way to learn english is to watch tv, especially the children's programs.
You can watch movies in their original versions and if possible cover the subtitles or with the english subtitles.
You can try on the BBC news web site, they have videos you can watch and listen to.

You can use différent plateformes of vidéo broadcasting networks. VEOH tv is a good exemple. You can find all the series or emission on the differents americans channels proposed !


to read some books

I have heard that some people download free e-books off the net to learn and improve english.
and listen to books in english on CD.
Try to listen to the radio every day and read the newspapers on line. The BBC also have on line English classes. If you have a hobby try to buy a magazine that relates to it, that way it's more interesting.


to listen music

Listen to music and always try to translate the lyrics.


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