Talent On The Internet

I posted this video on my blog and Bob thought this guy was really talented.
We started discussing how the Internet can be a great vector for making new talent popular.

Everybody (at least in France) know the story of Kamini. How this French rapper became known in the whole country, thanks to his Youtube video clip. Some even say it's an example of Internet fad.
The thing is, it started on the Internet, but then Kamini could be seen everywhere in the media, especially in the press and of TV. Is he still popular? Was it a real success or a temporary fame?

Hexachordal's video (that you've seen above), has been seen 11,218 times at the time I'm writing, and 107 people voted for it. The boy, Tom Milsom, has his own channel on Youtube, with more than 170 subscribers and 18 posted videos. He also has his .com : tommilsom.com . So yes, he's talented and he does what it needs to be seen and listened to. And people talk about him and appreciate his videos. But will that make him a star?
Is or was Kamini a star?

Is the Internet a revolutionary way to discover new talents? Or is it too full of people self-centered who would do whatever it takes to be seen by as much people as possible, therefore bluring the judgment of the public?
This an open discussion, what do you think?

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