My best experience of e-learning is with you Bob. It's the first today and I'm enjoying it!

What's e-learnig?

First of all it looks like very strange : 4%2520fevrier%25202006%2520003.jpg

But after you understand I could be the best way to learn english. You can speak with your teacher on MSN, share videos etc…

Here is a definition of e-learning :

E-learning is a distance training model that uses the Internet as its basic learning tool. This model enables students to take courses from any part of the world at any time of day.

Providing they have a computer and an Internet connection, students can engage in set interactive activities, access all the information necessary to acquire the required knowledge, receive help from their teacher, communicate with their tutor and classmates and check on their progress, etc.

My favorite website

My favorite site is probably the British Council one. They propose many web sites like BBC Learning English, Cubed, the selector.

BBC Learning English propose audio lessons and rubrics for improve english. france-learn-english-bbc-126x49-logo.gif

Cubed keep us up to date with the science that’s shaping our society and bringing a new dimension to everyday life. Cube give us the latest innovations in fashion and music, design and digital, film and life, to bring us the products and ideas that will change our world. cubed-logo-126x49.jpg

The selector present the last release in music industry. You can listen Hip Hop, UK garage, jazz, roots and so on…global-common-126x49-arts-music-selector.jpg

These websites are really interesting for everyone wants to learn english.

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