The REACTable is a new tool in the musical industry that is using a large touchscreen comparable to the Microsoft Surface or again the new iPhone touching surface.

It is a table that is used to generate sounds, electronic sounds mainly. It is used by artists such as Björk (a long time admirer of new techs) and others. It's a very surprising too: you can use blocks and put it on the table. Each block has a different frequancy which is associate to muscial notes (E, A, B and so on). Then you can add different effects to these notes. Then you can make these sounds communicate to each other by moving them on the table. You can turn the blocks to enhace the effects or the note by touching the screen as well. The screen automtically recognize each block and shows you the options you can choose. So it's very interactive with the machine. The best way to understand is still to watch the video. That's how I did.

A part of the explanation is here:


Then you see what I'm talking about? Impressive, isn't it? The following video it the second part of the demo, maily access on feedbacks and user- oriented.

And the special bonus that I was talking about earlier: Björk using the REACTable on Declare Independence. KoOl

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