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The Personal Brain or simply "The Brain" is a fantastic software. It's a Knowledge Management application that enables you to manage and organise your ideas, your projects and basically of your work. It is a nice tool because is it very intuitive. Also the other advantage of it is that it's really allow you to organize your thoughts as it coomes to you. You can write, create annd connect items and ideas the way you think about them. So you don't lose or forgot thing, you just write thhem on the application, as it comes to you for example: it's like a personal brainstorming! Then when you start to have enough words ideas, items whatever you call thhem, you can start organising them.

For example you have the name of a project: that is your core idea, right? : you put it in the middle, then you start to add other topics that are directly relevent to the project, but also ( and that's the most important part of it) minor topics or even intuitions that yoou can come back later on it. You can link these intuitions diretly to the main core idea: the project (so you don't lose them and can eventually link them to the project).

If my description doesn't sound cristal clear to you (which I can clearly understand), check the videos presentations that I have found:

This second video (has sound) and is much more practical that the previous one:

Nawel's add :

Hi there,
I've also tried PersonalBrain, it really seems to be a great software… I just wanted to warn you about something. Check this out (it's a little bit long video… sorry for that, I'm still a newb at.. I'll work on it !):

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Laura's add

Personal brain is only one of many software often called "mindmapping" softwares. Mashable is presenting 30 others here

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