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Jacky Chan speaks about BESTOF it :

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Another cool way to learn and practive English :

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (duh!) should be more considered to help people to learn english without stress but fun !

First what is a MMORPG ? Well, it is a game in which you play a character on the Internet. The environnement is persistant, this means that when you go offline, all the game universe is still alive. In this sort of games you meet Artificial Intelligence (to guide you when youlog for the first time for example) and more interesting : real player who (like you) are here to play, discuss, have fun, build a strong character, do tourism in this online world.

Some famous online game :
World of Warcraft
Dark Age of Camelot
Anarchy Online

And my favorite one : Ultima Online
Most of the games are based on rules defined when Internet did not exist. When role playing games were mostly played around a table with dices, paper and a Game Master to manage with words the virual world.

And this tradition of orality has been traduced on MMORPG. Off course the game master has been replacedby IA, developpers, graphism etc… But the goal stays the same : to image story and create interactions with others players. I've been a long time playing Ultima Online between 14 and 16 years, almost ten years ago. And that's the place where i've been able to learn english words easily than on a sheet of papers gave by teacher. (chainmail, helmet, flyin lizard, etc…).
Offcourse this terms do not really serve daily and my accent is still crapy but globally this experience were rewarding. And maybe it will be interesting to develop kind of MMORPG specially to learn english, knowing that learning is directly linked to the interest of the subject.

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