The Best of Social Networks

Social networks have growing potential for all kinds of uses. You are welcome to add your favorites in this category. And for this class, we have our own private social net.

We now have our own private social network!

Go to The Best of Social Network and sign up

Your own private social network - Could be the future of the web ?


Ning, which means "peace" in Chinese, is a website through wich you can create your on line social network, exactly like Facebook, but specific and private.

This service is part of what's called "the long tail" : thousands of extra specialized contents aimed at a very restricited part of the web surfers.


Why I think this could one of the side of the future of the web ? Because a private on line social network is more than just a "hype app", it's a really useful tool that helps you keep in touch and share with your friends.

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