English e-learning

How to learn English on the Web?

Of course there are several methods and options for English e-learning. Our mission consist on searching the web to find websites and appropriated solutions to improve your English.

We don't intend to furnish an exhaustive list of websites for English e-learning. We will only consider what we find the best appropriate websites, easier and rapid solutions that we have find.


First you can try a cool site where you can train yourself with funny exercices and tests on: English At Home
The design and ergonomy of the site is not very good however the content seems to be quite relevant as far as i'm concerned. For example the "Test Yourself" section is quite good. I have personnally tried the "make" quizz and it's pretty well made…

Best approved for schools and business

Then of course, there is the TOEFL courses that are very well known. They are most popular because you can actually take the TOEFL test, which is an exam either paper-based or internet-based. This degree delivered is a good key and opportunity to certify that you have a good English level. Some schools do ask you that pass this exam and even companies.

Popular and video animated

The BBC has also a good reputation, not only for TV programs but also on the web. It furnishes good keys for begineers but alos for pros and people who wants to go further in learning business English for example. What I find interesting is that it's just not raw content for English courses but the site is animated with fun videos, quizzes and more.

Silly and Japanese

Just check out this silly youtube video addressed to japanese speaking people visiting an English speaking country. After all, we never know what to do in case of bag jacking, right! The pitch could be how to survive… This will make you laugh

More serious now…

The English Club is a delivers more serious contents about learning English. It gives good clues for pronunciation and advises business oriented English tips. In other words it is a very pragmatic website for business people willing to be efficient in their work. You will be given advises for presentations, negociations and business letters.

Learn English on Podcast

ESL is an other alternative for learning English on the web. You can download podcasts that will give you good pronunciation keys to communication and express yourself in English. Here is an introduction of what you can get:

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And here is a sample of a podcast about family and relationships:

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Learning English on YouTube

KanTalk is a website that uses video to provide fun and comprehensive English learning using the YouTube network and archives. You can choose your topic using the search engine of KanTalk and the plus is that you are given most of the time the transcription of what's being said on each video. In other word it is fun and interactive. A good solution when you don't have the opportunity to listen REAL English with REAL people.
Here's a example of what it looks like (very second degree, though very useful about pronunciation): Mister Ducan advises on how to use English, check it out!

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