Useful ways to learn English

Why we should learn English?

A good help for your job activity…

A good way to avoid being ridiculous…

How to increase your understanding and your way of speaking?

I think that the best way to learn how to speak English is to go abroad in the frame of an exchange program with your university. You might meet during your stay a guy you fall in love with and increase a lot your way of speaking! It seems to be the easiest way to improve without any difficulties your English. If you don't have this luck, don't worry, there are many other options.

For instance, you can go abroad and make an internship in Great Britain, in Canada, in the US, in Australia, in South Africa… This is a good way to discover both language and culture.

If you don't want to go abroad at all, you can simply stay at home, listening to music, trying to understand the lyrics and check your understanding on the lyrics website. You can refer to the website and discover for instance the lyrics of "Sun is shining" from Bob Marley.

You can visit some news websites such as CNN or BBC and discover their videos.

You can earch funny videos in English on Youtube and so on.

You can try to meet foreign students and exchange some language lessons. You can speak for free thanks to skype.

How to improve your vocabulary and your way of writing?

When you make a research either for your studies or for your own needs, you can read articles in English in order to improve your way of speaking.
For instance, you can search information on Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia available in English.


Finally, you can find a participative way to write English and to share your thoughts with the world… or perhaps just with yourself. You can write articles on your blog and speak about your favorite topic. It is a good mean to share your experience and forget the language used.

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