Welcome to this page!


It's not a coincidence if you are here; you must be looking for information about me.
First of all, let me explain one principle:
You may think that there is not as much information as you were hoping for here. This is because I consider that if you ended up here, you already know me in some extent. Or you already have my contacts details. So if you want more information, you just need to ask me directly!
You might find that I am a little paranoid, but really it has nothing to do with that. It is just that in life, real contact, real interactions are for me very important. The first time you meet someone, talk to them, look at them in the eyes, does a lot for your whole relation with them later. Some call it first impression.
So if you already know me, you already have an opinion on me, and I wouldn’t mind you to watch my videos, access to my CV etc.
But what I want to avoid is for people I don’t know yet to come on this page and have a first impression of me that is far from representative of who I really am. The Internet is a great tool, and I am happy to make a good use of all the publishing possibilities it offers. But I still think face to face interactions are the key, and I want to keep that as the main way to communicate with people.
Enough for the intro, let me present you a few things

E-culture and communication

* Celsa

A little video introduction to our e-culture and communication class at the Celsa:

* Internet and publishing

You can have a look at our 2006 group Wiki, New Media Economy
As well as our class Wiki last year
You can also read my blog here


Here is my CV. It is not updated yet but it's better than nothing. I will work on it when I don't have to post on my blog about challenge questions…

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