Learning English online

The best way to learn English online, really, is… just to use the Internet.
Haven’t you noticed how everything is in English?
If you want to use a new tool, read about a new phenomenon, use a brand new website, you have to know English. The innovations are rarely made into French right away.



Parce que tu ne parles pas anglais… and Facebook is all in English !
So even if you want to understand this new phenomenon, you can’t, because you don’t speak a word of English. You will have to wait till the French version is created, if that ever happens… or you will have to learn English.


  • Want to learn about the Gunpowder Plot?

Wikipedia is the usual answer when looking for information.
Yes but… if you go to the French Wikipedia article, you may be desappointed.
Whereas the English article is very comprehensive.
Here again you need to know English to be informed.

and finally….

  • So just learn English!

And use the ressources you can find online!
Here is a way to learn the English with the best accent ever:

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