The online learning english as a online lifestyle.

Like us you want to improve your English as the same time you work, inform or entertain yourself ?

Be connected.

The best issue to extend your skills is to do the most things you can online. In this way, you will practice english daily.

Maybe you have seen, as me, that after the discovery period of the networks functionalities, we barely notice that the instructions are in English.
Because the networks are tools, the words have to be efficient and the vocubalury basic. These rules fit with the « web writting », wich have for mission to make the information clearly visible instantly by everyone.
And it works. I know a lot of people having a blog on Wordpress or a Facebook account without speaking English.

This advantage shows the danger for English learners.
It is easy to stay at the same level without realizing that we only « fiddle » in English. To go deeper, there are simple habits to keep. It consists in managing and aggregating the information to have all you need easily reachable.

Change your online lifestyle !

Organise your own online space (wiki, blog, Google Notebook) and go to visit our to see what in a good online learning english program !

Begin by register an online dictionary (Wordreference is a good one) in your favorite. Each time you have a doubt, report on it.

Register to the RSS feeds of the information website you like.

The must-have is the BBC Learning English RSS feed.
The famous english channel offers grammatical, vocabulary and oral tests, videos, podcasts and many other solutions to practice English with being bored. There is a very useful rubric of vocabulary from the news wich can serve you fro all the newspaper. The advantage of this website is that you can reach the BBC news or entertainement whenever you want.

To have another point of view, suscribe to The Huffington Post RSS feed. It is a politically liberal online news website and aggregated weblog founded by Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer, featuring hyperlinks to various news sources and columnists. In 2006, it was the 5th most popular weblog overall as measured by web links and the most popular "Analysis and Opinion" website as measured by web hits.

Besides the press and the networking with CMS in english, take the habit of watching movies and TV series in english with english subtitles. It helps a lot. TV series are really good to learn english because the actors casting and their play touch us in a way that make us attached to them. We remember their phrases, their way ohf thinking. Sometimes it makes us think in English. And seriously, it is more classy, don't you think?

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