• Let's first begin with the institutional definition of e-learning :

"Electronic learning or E-learning is a general term used to refer to computer-enhanced learning. It is used interchangeably in so many contexts that it is critical to be clear what one means when one speaks of 'eLearning'. In many respects, it is commonly associated with the field of advanced learning technology (ALT), which deals with both the technologies and associated methodologies in learning using networked and/or multimedia technologies."

Considering this definition, e-learning seems to have a link with new technologies, but what is it exactly ?

  • An experience named Bob

My first personal experience of e-learning happened last week when I met Bob Spaulding for the first time. Bob teaches english at the Celsa, but he's not physically present with us : Bob lives in a computer ! He seems to be a virtual creature… But his english is perfect, and he really looks like a human, with feelings, humour, he speaks with us us, so maybe we can deduct he's a real human.


This way of learning english is at first a bit surprising. Since my youth, I use to see professors just in front of me at school. The Celsa's way of learning english appears so more modern and interactive, because we use communication tools as wiki or msn.
We can for example send links to others, altought we use the chat to communicate with each other. For example, Bob just send us the link to see a video of a M. Jackson's famous clip : Beat it.

These lessons are in the same time educational and fun. But it's sometimes hard to understand what Bob says…

Anyways, this experience is very positive and helpfull. Like a lot of french people, I didn't know really well what e-learning means.

In this video, people criticize the fact that e-learning, because it excludes face to face relations, is a cold way to learn. I don't really agree.
On the contrary, it is for me the best way to learn through new technologies and e-communication tools.
The negative point would be that technology doesn't fuction all the time.

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