Laura K

How to learn english easily through the Internet…my personal tricks!

I've been studying english as a second language at school for almost 15 years now. But France is sadly known as a country where you cannot learn a foreign language properly and as a french girl I can confirm this is not a cliché!

So if you are French or even if you come from another country and that you have difficulties to learn English, here is my advice to you all: use the Internet!

When I was young I listened to my favorite songs and asked my father to translate the lyrics for me. That's how I improved my english!

Now all I have to do is look for my favorite songs on Yahoo! Music and at the same time look up the lyrics on


Because the best way to learn a language is to do it through something that entertains you!

Now if you are not a fan of music you can also learn a lot from videos in English.

About that, I found a very special american man through Youtube. His name is John and he offers to give free english lessons, you can talk to him through Skype or you can even look at the videos he posted on his site which provides us with some explanation on specific words.

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