There's a few ways to experience "e-learning", as far as english (or anything!) is concerned.


There's the informal one

I put it first cause it's my favorite (and Bob's as well!), and even the only i actually use.
I'm not sure it can be called e-learning as you're generally not aware you're learning - but isnt it the best way? It happens all the time on the Internet. You don't realize it but your english gets better and better as you're hacking videos and reading blogs in english: entertainment gone useful!

All i can do there is giving my favorites sites

(apart from youtube of course) to get streaming or download movies and tv programs.Go there and enjoy free videos while getting english oral comprehension skills!

joox.gif (and not joost!)logo.gifveoh.png

Then there's of course the straight, "proper" one

where e-learning comes with specific environment and programs built up by specific companies to train you on whatever you need. Probably efficient, but sometimes borring, and not always free. In a word, generally quite goal and business oriented.

My favorite site

is probably BBC. That's where my english boyfriend is trying to learn french; it looks also good to learn english. And most of all, it's free!


english at home looks fine as well

Of course, Europe gives good care with its

elearningeuropa program.
They organised a concours to list favourites e-learning ressources; you can check results here.
Winner was sharedtalk,
a web 2.0 french site using communities to learn languages, or more precisely a "Language Exchange Network to Practice Foreign Languages with Native Speakers"

There's also e-learning at school!

Like what we're doing right now! I'd say it's a mix of both former ways, adding social and collective value.

Here is an interesting article

from BBC concil reflecting on Motivation and e-learning english!

Private social networks

can be used for that purpose; i heard that ELGG is one of the best.
learn more on it on readwriteweb (great site in general) and see also the social network pageon this wiki!

Good news

is that more and more innovations tend to link "proper" e-learning with more entertaining or social or mobile forms, like iwriter meant to create study tools on iPod!

And of course to finish with:

the wikipedia article on e-learning

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