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My name is Julian, I am 23 years old and I live in Paris. I studied history 6 years and this year I am in CELSA, a famous school of communication. I love life, animals and flowers too. While some say that I am a bitnik, I replied that it's just a blanket. Like a CIA's Spy, I am a dangerous man. Because behind the white dove there is a real predator…

Curriculum Vitae:

Born the 6 december 1983 (23 years)
21 bd de Port Royal
75013 Paris
Permis B

Route school and university:

2001 : Baccalauréat scientifique, mention assez bien.

2003 : DEUG of History at the Sorbonne University

2004 : Licence of History at the Sorbonne University, mention assez bien.

2005 : Maîtrise of History at the Sorbonne University, mention très bien.

Topic: "Power and imperial philosophy II s. Ap. AD In Rome, "under the leadership of Mr. Jean-Pierre Martin.

2007 : Master II of History at the Sorbonne University. mention très bien.

Topic: "Representations of the Argentine crisis in the cinema. , "Under the leadership of M. Luiz-Felipe de Alencastro.

Professional experience:

Receptionist (Jan. 2003 to Oct. 2004), Camellia Hotel (Paris XV).

Home customer telephone calls and taking reservations.

Seller (May 2006 -to ovember 2007), a company Viacot.

Marchandising, sales, inventory management.


- English school

- Spanish fluent


-Activity-Art: Writing and realization of amateur short films.

- Sport: Rugby (varsity team from the Sorbonne), sports.

-ctivity-associative: Secretary of the Association Act 1901 " Les Arbrophiles' association to promote the protection and the discovery of the environment through the climbs tree framed.

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