Internet A World Full Of Hate A Place For Threat

Recently, a 18 year old student from Finland shot to death 9 people and injured more than twelve people in his college with a 22.Long Riffle, a bloody slaughter. Before doing that, he posted videos on youtube. In this video he wears a t-shirt with the inscription “humanity is overated” and he explain what he’is going to do. He says many strange things, he talks about natural selection and others weird subjects. It asks a question, is that possible to avoid such slaugther if there are control, people watching video woking for the police? Internet is a place where everybody communicate, even murderers. Many people make strange video where they are hatefull, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to kill people. Police patrol on the internet will have serious problems to stop such crazy people. Internet has become for those crazy people a way to express themselves. If this kid couldn’t post videos, he probably not killed so many people. Posting video gave him the illusion to be important, to have auditors, to be heard when he tals about natural selection and others bad things. He was full of hate against the hummanity, and with internet he found a relay to express it. It is impossible to avoid people to be really stupid, but we can minimize the effects. I think that a man showing a gun in a video must be taken seriously, it’s not a game. I think that if just one personne looked at the video before the slaughter, he must have called the police.

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