e-learning : What's the best way to learn English ?

There are several ways to learn English through the Internet. I'm gonna make an inventory of the ones I know and prefer :

e-learning through colleges :

Nowadays, some colleges propose online degree programs which don’t exist concretely in the locals of the colleges. A list is available here. Students receive lessons and tests by email and send their work by email too or by posting them on their personal website. As an example, the University of Sidney has developed a whole strategy of e-learning.

Using the same idea, there are several websites that use that system such as the professional website e-learningguru, or other institutional sites like universities’ ones elearn. The most famous one is Sc Po's website. It is a very complete and intuitive way of learning English on line.

The tutorabc solution :

There is also a very well known website named tutorabc. I'm not gonna explain the way this website works. Just look at the video.

But don't forget about the BBC… and youtube !

Moreover, there is the bbc website which is my personal favorite.
What is interesting about that website is that you can learn English by watching the news for example. The idea is that you not only learn the accent, the vocabulary, but also you are motivated by the fact that you are watching to something that actually intersests you, something that you could have watched on your own TV. I really do feel that the best way to improve English is to learn from something you're really interested in.

To continue in the same idea you can watch trailers on youtube. On that kind of website you can watch any kind videos : tv shows, extracts from movies, trailers and so on. And to me the best thing is to watch them with the English subtitles.

Well it's all I could think of for the moment but be sure I will enrich the content of this article if I think about something else. Meanwhile, feel free to add any kind of ideas you have. And if I may give you a piece of advice, the best way to become fluent in English remains to move in an English country ASAP ;)

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