The best of learning English online

in 5 points

1/ English learning

This website uses different Internet media to help you improve specific points of your english (pronounciation, vocabulary, idioms …) such as flash or interactive lessons.


2/ e-learning Themasite

This is a website from the netherlands which helps have your everyday dose of english through newsletters and various articles.


3/ Videos posted on YouTube can also be a good mean to give lessons to whoever wants to learn english but has no time to go to classes.

4/ What can elearning do better than an in situ class ?

Elearning provides you a specific program, that's profiled according to your needs. It means that you're more likely to improve much quicker than in a class with other students. Moreover, you can exercise at your own rythm : you can spend more time on an exercise you didn't really get and less time on something you masterise.
On top of all this, elearning forces you to improve your accent since you can listen to audio medias and hear real english persons talk in english.

5/ What cannot elearning do better than an in situ class ?

Elearning takes a lot of self discipline, and it's not always easy to froce yourself into work when you're at home, especially when it's not something you're gifted for. It's sometimes important to have a teatched who's next to you to helop you move on with stuff you're stuck on.

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