The best online to learn english

There is no a unique way to learn english online.

Reading english press
However, i think the first step to learn online English is to browse english information on international website. For exemple, we can read each day current events on newspaper website like [] or []. Read press in english is like an exercice to practice of manner regular. It must be lived like a pleasure.

Learning with free english lessons
Furthemore, on the web, we can find several actors which offer a rich content to learn english online. The Britannic Broadcast Company, the famous BBC, has created a page on this portal ([]). By this initiative, users can access to a whole of tools to work this knowledges on english. The content is diversified and take a complet inventory of the method. It's like a training course with different lessons available. If you click on this websites we can access to a content in grammar and vocabulary but also to a lot of quizz, tests and rich media like video and podcasting. There is also dictionary online which can represents an help in english comprehension.

Speaking on webchat
An another option to learn english online is to try to speak English in going on webchat. It's a method to know a new culture. So, it's also a mean to access to an international friendship and to share different experiences.

Joining a social network
The new medias are probably a good things to learn english to having a good times. Indeed, the best way to learn english is to immerse to the language. Several websites like [] or [] allow to create a social network and to connect all the people of the earth. It's also a mean to discover new talent and to speak with english of american people who share a same interest for a leisure. [] is also a good example of broadcast because it offers an access to an international content. We have also the possibilities to post our own video creation. It can be a good training to speak english.

Listening english podcast
The podcast can be also a right and personnal method. With this media, we have the mean to download english training course, for example on []. The podcast is an tool which propose radio or video episode which can be download on an mp3 player. The next episode are upgraded automatically. With this type of media file, we can also listen english and american program. It's very rewarding like a windows opened on the world. This tool is really pratical and has the advantage to be mobile when we are outside home.

Discovering other tools
Finally, with the web, we can ask help to foreign students and exchange with them. For example, [] can offer a precious tool in research when we have trouble to understand information in english. Blogs are also a phenomenon of society. We can try to post comments to train to speak englisk and read answers of another participant. It's a mean to try to writing and reading in english.

Watching Tv show
For me, the good way to stay in contact with english language is to download american tv show in original version with english language and subtitles. I like watching the new seasons of Prison Break and Desperate Housewives. Tv channels like ABC and NBC offer more and more the last episode of season in course after their first broadcast on their website. Enterntainment media propose thus an alternative to illegal peer to peer network.

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