"Il faut savoir s'instruire dans la gaieté. Le savoir triste est un savoir mort. L'intelligence est joie."


eLearning can be seen as a convenient and even funny way to learn, as it goes trough technologies and digital, interactive contents. However, some wonder if learning in front of a computer is worth it when you can make it in face to face. What if this comes to learning English? In other words, what is the point of learning English online, and more specifically, through elearning?

Internet was engineered, designed and born… in English. Over the 2 last decades, eventhough Internet spread worldwide and is now supporting and being used in almost every single language, the leading one remains English. This has many consequences on Learning English.


First of all, English is nowadays the most spoken language online, and as a result, each time you go online is one more occasion to get in touch with English speaking content. For instance, Google, Youtube, FlickR, Myspace, MSN, Mash and Facebook were first in English only - and the two last ones, despite there worldwide success, remain in English.

This means (say for anybody that already knows the basics in grammar) that learning Engish online is first of all by using English contents and services. Spend some time, try to learn and remember, give it a try and you'll soon get to improve your English. However, Learning English also means learning Vocabulary and Grammar. In order to improve these skills, one should be used to skroll wikipedia, online translaters and any specific page dealing with the issue. Notice : be sure the content is certified by a professional teacher or any official education organization, otherwise you can also be spoiled.

Finally, learning English is improving your accent - especially when your a French native. If so get in touch with Texas, set on a webcam & use your body to get understood!!!

(Call it animal language...)

So, what about elearning now? Well, elearning is pretty much about all of it. It is your own mix of these ressources. But your teacher is not necessarily here with you, and this is definitly convenient for
everybody : you can stay home and take a class in pyjama - which avoids you teacher kicks during English lessons :

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