Fernando`s favorite learning tools

Phonetic Chart

Learn how to pronounce the words well is the hardest part when you`re learning a foreign language. All of a sudden you tell your mouth and throat to start using muscles they don`t even know existed. Loosing the accent might be a daunting task, but we have to work it out and one of the best ways is studding the phonetic chart. After all, you don`t wanna sound like this, do you?


Listening is important too. It might be a better idea to go after a guided activity instead of going out there randomly listening to things. Those are two of the best online resources I know to practice your listening skills.


The Wikiversity is, in their own words, a community for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. They give you access to tons of free contents created by teachers and by other students. It is a great source of information on any field, not only on the language learning subject. The best thing is anyone can join and contribute with this fast growing community. Try the english language topic to start with.


Own is one of the best resources I know to practice your writing skills. Here you can find information on the writing process, grammar, exercises and even ultra targeted stuff like how to write to a Chinese Business Audience. Worth a try?


Looking for something to read? Try the Internet Public Library, here you will find links to thousands of free online newspapers from around the world


The best way of learning a new language is in loco. Wikitravel will help you to get there.

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