In fact, english learning on line is very new for me and I discover, today, with you, what is it!
My level of english is very bad and I havn't lots of experiences on line.

Before the Celsa I was in the Sorbon for learn French literature and I have never spoken english in class and still less using a computer for learn.

For begin I want to give a sort of definition of "learning english online" :

The European commission said that " the e-learning is the utilisation of the new technology multimedia and Internet, for improve the quality of learning in rending more accessible the access of the ressources and services."
e-learning offers new opportunities for both educators and learners to enrich their teaching and learning experiences through virtual environnements that supports not just that the delivery but also the exploration and application of information and the promotion of new knowledge. E-learning takes place in online environements taht range from providing information to engaging the learner in complex interactive simulations.

I find an other Bob who give some lessons on You Tube

More seriously, one of the advantage is the acces to free lesson very easily : [http://www.anglaisfacile.com/]

We can find e-learning for all public, thanks to the multimedia,

But e-learning is also using by company for give formation at distance.

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