Learn with e-communication tools

English class

" Electronic learning or E-learning is a general term used to refer to computer-enhanced learning. It is used interchangeably in so many contexts that it is critical to be clear what one means when one speaks of 'eLearning'. In many respects, it is commonly associated with the field of advanced learning technology (ALT), which deals with both the technologies and associated methodologies in learning using networked and/or multimedia technologies. " From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now, in the Celsa we are using e-learning. Indeed, we use to build a wiki, we try to make videos and blogs and we are speaking with MSN a communication application. But this tools are just common tools for the new generation, and other instruments are now able to be used.

New tools to learn


To learn english or other language we have a fabulous tool called the web. If you want to translate a word, use a e-dictionnary : Lexilogos


If you want to improve your vocabulary make some game on Freerice. This site propose to you to learn english and to make a good action in the same time. When you make a good answer in the game, the site give to relief agencies some rice. Freerice is financed by advertising.



Next, if you want free lessons you can login on Mango. At present this site is reserved just for english people who want to learn other languages. But i think, in a few time, it will be translate for french people. Now you can watch 100 lessons composed by 80 slides.



Each month a lot of firms grow on the net and offer solutions to learn. For example, last week i discovered "Yabla" which is an original video player. You play the video and you have two kinds of subtitles : The first in your native language, and the second it's a translation. When you click on a word in the subtitle line, you have a traduction of it. Moreover, you can play the vidéo faster or slower to ear what the people are talking about. Also, you can play a game and find what word is missing in the subtitle line. So, I think yabla is a good project to learn a language.

Learn what you want

Now we can learn all we want : Drawing, music, mathematics and traditional school lessons, etc. with different tools like tutorial, wiki, blog, video, interactive video, game and serious games. For example you have the youtube of e-learning called [http://www.teachertube.com/TeacherTube]

Baby e-learning

E-learning is now a new way to learn. You can learn faster than before and all along your life. Kindersay make available to the children free online english video activities


Virtual 3D school


Actually Greenbush EduSim is just a project, a prototype. But the purpose of this 3D school is to create some world (like in the multiplayer online game) for the student and to learn. For example you can go on the Moon or on Mars to teach astronomy. You can create a world of math.

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