Course Description

E-Culture and Communications

Instructor: Robert Spaulding moc.liamtoh|ssalcgnidluaps#moc.liamtoh|ssalcgnidluaps

CELSA, Université Paris IV—Sorbonne

A class investigating the qualities of electronic culture and the new emerging models of electronic communications in English.

Encountering new technologies and communicating in English are the dual challenges presented to students in this course. Students are asked to consider their own habits involved in adopting new technologies as they study the newest digital strategies. They are also given a number of practical tasks aimed at improving their competency in digital or e-marketing strategies, and perfecting their English-language communication skills with the newest digital media such as wikis, videocasting, social networks, podcasts, blogs, instant messenger, on-line audio/video communications, and so on.

Subjects covered include:

* Basic characteristics of e-culture
* Characteristic of successful digital strategies
* Emerging values and principles of professionals in e-culture
* Behavioral issues in adopting new technologies
* Emerging models of social interaction and social networks

Projects include:

* An active class wiki to place all coursework
* An active personal blog for personal homework
* Video profiles and subject-based posting
* Online audio posts and podcast to improve oral skills
* A series of exercises involving on-line audio/video communications using MSN Messenger
* Classroom presentations by students

Other subjects covered include key terms, vocabulary and expressions related to e-culture, basic presentation skills, motivational issues and research skills on the internet.

Video presentations: e-culture YouTube E-culture Group

Texts used:

Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance, Larry Downes & Chuka Mui,

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