English learning by Basile

English learning

There is many ways to learn english, the best one is surely to go to an english speaking country, but if you can't, there also the internet.

Interactives ways to learn english

Many websites exist. The best I found is a website that help to learn english by diferent ways, such as discussions whith english teachers and other interactive methods. Podcasts are also a very good way to learn english. A very good one exists for french people, the teacher try to explain grammar and vocabular using french and english languages, and he ask you to repeat what he said.

Videos portals, like youtube or dailymotion host videos to learn english, little english lessons, sometimes funny. You can also learn english by skype with online teachers.

Some of my methods

I think it could be a good method to learn, but, to improve your language you must practice with different people, from different places, talking with them, trying to understand them. Listen to english music or using english media, watching US movies, reading UK or US newspapper allowed me to really improve my english. The BBC website is a very good site to read the news when your foreign and don't know all words. The BBC host a website which is very easy to use and practical. In this site, a teacher gives lessons that you can watch or download. You can also download the script of the lesson in order to improve your written english.

Don't forget your dictionnary

Of course, using a dictionnary is also important to learn the words you want to use. The one I use is very simple.

Learning english by the way of websites has many advantages like decreased costs, simplicty, interactivity, and it also allows to learn with teachers who are very far, internet allows to cross borders in one second an to speak instantly with people from all around the world. This method is very efficient for companies wanting their employees to learn or improve english speaking.

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