Apple Rocks

Apple frenzy these days - why that ? And should you buy an Mac, and which one ?

Since the release of Leopard, the latest Mac operating system, you can hear from everywhere that it is the best OS ever designed and that you should switch to mac. How true is that ?

First of all, it IS true : this OS is ultra reliable (won't let you down whatever happens), very secured (no virus, no spyware, no adware and all these kinky stuff), and a designed-for-human-beings interface (beautiful, smooth, practical).
Lately, PC specialized magazine started rating Apple's releases - hardware and software. And they all gave much better marks than to any PC based computer or software, like for example Windows Vista.

Also, apple computers are very well built and usely last for years - even for ever. If you're a student or a teacher with no tough application, you should go for a MacBook ; if you mostely need a computer at home, go for an iMac. ANd if you want to go into real movie cutting and photo editing, well, go for a MacBook Pro.

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