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Who am I?

Although I live in South France, I teach at CELSA, the School of Communications at the Sorbonne University in Paris, almost a thousand kilometers away. To do this, I use online technology.

This makes sense for the students since my specialization is emerging models of communications and social interaction created by new internet-based technologies. My courses include techniques of emerging digital strategies, social networks, podcasting, videocasting, blogging, and simple web content management systems.

An added challenge to my classes is that they are conducted in English for a largely francophone student body. Students are presented with a double challenge of encountering new forms of electronic culture and communications, and developing their skills in English.

The majority of our learning sessions are conducted online using simple online video, voice and text tools. Students work in CELSA's computer lab directed via a broadband connection from my home in south France.


This course (see description) is a low tech, high content-oriented exercise exploiting the potential of the internet to meet personal and professional needs.

Here is a short video presentation of what I am teaching.

Some of my other teaching blogs for previous courses include:

Shape Your Mind
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One of my students, Olivier, ask me where I get my ideas from, and how I stay informed about emerging technologies and applications. The answer to this is not simple. Some of the sources I like include podcasts by NPR Technology, The Economist, TWIT, Tech Buzzwords. I particularly appreciate interviews with leading theorists and entrepreneurs in the industry, and these are sometimes just discovered by accident.

And, finally, Olivier, I get most of my best news from the great work that my students do. You are, in fact, the teachers in my course and always my inspiration to continue teaching and sharing what I know.

My current favorite new application is Pandora, and amazing mash-up for music lovers.

For information, please take a look at the course description.

My background includes professional experience in advertising, journalism, media relations and marketing, as well as over seven years as a teacher at the university level. My CV is availble for more details.


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