About Facebook

Hype used to be about Google, MySpace or SecondLife. New mediatic crave is Facebook.

Nobody knows how long it will last untill another star is born; but for the moment it may be worth trying to understand the phenomenon.


Two things could be useful on this page:

1. Our own personal input on how we use Facebook (polls, stories…)
2. Links to articles or any resources that help analysis on social networks


2. Our own personal input on how we use Facebook (polls, stories…)


Do you find it usefull?

For me it"s a new way of communicating, aside from emails or text. Posts on wall are a very new way, half public half private, to talk to your friends. Pokes and other Xme are a non verbal way to call for attention or express your feelings. Messaging is more like email (except that when you don't check yor facebook profile often enough, it sucks)

Let's see what axel thinks:

not a big big fan, but still more enthouisastic than Virgile…

What's your favourite application?

They must be a few good ones… I don't really like all these requests (vampires, likeness tests…) that are piling on my page - never answer any, i just don't feel like adding loads and loads of app just for fun.
I heard there are some that enable you to send free text on mobiles, that would be good! but probably doesnt work in France…

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing situation on Facebook?

like, an ex-boyfriend just added you as a friend, so you wonder…
- do you say that "you dated" when you have to say how you know him (do you want everybody to know? but do you want him to know that you don't want anybody to know?)
- do you keep these pictures of your new life? (he's gonna look at it for sure)
I personnaly skipped the step "how do you know this person" and removed my photo albums…

But Yoann has a even better story!

1. Links to articles or any resources that help analysis on social networks

of course, a good start with wikipedia

About Facebook in general, the study of FaberNovel gives a good overview. here

About the advertising system of Facebook

Marketing and Advertising services: for a better understanding of the system Facebook revealed in november, i recommend you just read this article here which is very clear about something quite complex. Extracts:

First, advertisers can create free pages that play host to the same interactive applications that Facebook members now download in their profiles. A product called Beacon will allow advertisers to display their fans’ activities on newsfeeds […] Second, Facebook announced SocialAds, display and text ads that are paired with interactions with Facebook members […] Last, without revealing personally identifiable information about users, Facebook will provide analytics and reporting to advertisers about consumer behavior

I also learned a lot with David Kirkpatrick article explaining how “The social networking site promises to turn advertising on its head by blending e-commerce with word-of-mouth marketing”.The main idea is that of “Social Ads” that combine social actions from your friends — such as a purchase of a product or review of a restaurant — with an advertiser’s message.

Facebook could help change the very nature of marketing, forcing marketers to work more closely with product developers. Instead of crafting compelling messages that will encourage consumers to want to spend, companies will have to think about how they can make the best possible product that people will want to buy — and tell their friends about. Cruddy goods won't have many friends on Facebook.

The "social graph"

It was in may 2007 that Zuckerberg coined the term “social graph”. He might not be the first human being to have used that word, but ever since he did it got really big. Let's first see what Facebook's creator says about it:

the network of connections and relationships between people on the service
the reason Facebook works
Its changing the way the world works. As Facebook adds more and more people with more and more connections it continues growing and becomes more useful at a faster rate. We are going to use it spread information through the social graph.

interesting article about the notion:

About Microsoft bying a share of Facebook


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